5D Mark IV......or no?

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So, I've been shooting with my 7D for many, many years. It's been through a lot. I've been kicking around buying a new camera for a couple of years now. I miss not having a real wide angle, which I haven't had since shooting film actually. So going with a 5D Mark IV kind of appeals to me.

With there being an obvious push to go mirrorless these days, I wonder if it's wise to buy a 4 year old DSLR design. I'm sure the 5D Mark IV would be head and shoulders above my 7D with image quality. I'd still have the 7D, so that's not part of the problem anyway.

I guess the issue I'm having is, should I click the "buy" button, I mean the 5D, grip and a second battery are sitting in my cart!

Should I do it? Would I regret not going mirrorless? Would Canon release a newer 5D a week later? Tune in next week to see what happens. Same bat time. Same bat channel. Or later tonight.....lol.

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    I am fully retired now, but I loved the EOS 5D Mark IV so much that I bought a second body. The first stays in a smaller kit with a standard/normal, f2.8 zoom, a 70-200mm, f4L, IS USM telezoom, and a punchy flash and flash modifier (DIY scoop).

    I can do around 90% of my needs with that kit, which is mostly family and church events.

    The second body is in a larger kit with an older standard/normal zoom, for both backup and occasional second shooter use, a 17-40mm, f4L for wide-angle zoom, a 135mm, f2 prime, 50mm, f1.4 prime, 90mm, f2.8 macro, and 1 or 2 more flashes, depending on intentions. I sometimes add a 400mm, f5.6L for local running events.

    Remember that the 5D Mark IV also has a Live View mode, with the extremely competent Dual-Pixel AF, for the "mirrorless" experience.

    Video mode adds a DCI 4k with Dual-Pixel AF, and for a bit more dynamic range I added Technicolor's Cinestyle profile, although it's not really optimized for the 5D Mark IV. I believe that you can still get the Canon "C-Log" alteration for $99. Do remember that converting video shot with either flat profiles or C-Log takes extra time, computer-cycles and drive space, to get back to Rec-709. Often, using a circular polarizer works better during acquisition.

    I'm betting that you know this already, but any EF-S lenses you have for the 7D will not fit the 5D Mark IV, so factor that into your decision.

    Both of my copies were purchased refurbished through the Canon store, and carried the same warranty as a new camera, but I didn't have to use the warranty.

    Currently a factory-refurbished 5D Mark IV is $2,249.00.

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    Thanks for the reply Ziggy.

    I only have one EF-S lens, and never use it. I have a few L series lenses, and they get used the most. I thought and thought about this decision, maybe a little too much. I talked with my oldest daughter, who also shoots Canon, and she pushed me off the fence. I went a head and bought the 5D mark IV, with the grip and a second battery. I'll keep using the 7D, especially when I'm out doing Jeep stuff. Heck, it's been dropped out of the Jeep off a 20 foot ledge in Moab and still works fine. It's just missing the top LCD...lol.

    I'm looking forward to being able to shoot full frame again, and having the better image quality the 5D Mark IV will bring to my photography. I've barely used the video function on my 7D, but with the better video functions of the 5D Mark IV, I may use it more, but I doubt I'll dive into the 4K, C-log options, but who knows?

    The new camera will arrive Monday, and I'm thinking my desire to shoot will be rekindled a bit.

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    Well, my new 5D Mark IV, along with the battery grip and spare battery arrived yesterday. First impressions, I like it. I'm looking forward to getting out and doing some shooting with it.

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