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rjwilnerrjwilner USARegistered Users Posts: 76 Big grins

I'm running into an issue with Smart Rules when constructed as follows...

- Images from Gallery A
- Keyword = X

- Keyword = Y
- Keyword = Z

All images with Keywords Y & Z would also have keyword X associated. But I don't want those included in this particular gallery.

The issue I'm encountering is that only one of the Excludes is being reflected in the gallery. I can redefine the rules such that only keyword Y or Z is defined as an Exclude and the results are exactly what I would expect to be returned. But as soon as I add a second Exclude, both Excludes are ignored and I might just as well have left any Excludes out of the Rule.

Is this 'expected' behavior? I did check out the Help page and the only qualification I found concerning SR was a limit of 5 for any single gallery.


  • AllenAllen "tweak 'til it squeaks" St. Louis, MoRegistered Users Posts: 9,923 Major grins

    Make sure the order is correct.

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  • rjwilnerrjwilner USARegistered Users Posts: 76 Big grins

    @Allen said:
    Make sure the order is correct.

    There's a designated order?

    I had used the following originally...
    - Images from Gallery A (which is an Unlisted gallery for which the necessary box in the rule configuration has been checked to include)
    - Include keyword X
    - Exclude keyword Y
    - Exclude keyword Z

    Based on your reply, I did try a different order such that the keyword Excludes were defined first and the Include keyword last. But alas, no change in behavior. If I define only one Exclude, it works as I would expect. As soon as I add a second keyword Exclude, both are ignored.

  • rnrjoshrnrjosh SmugMug Support Hero Registered Users Posts: 260 Major grins

    I think this may be a bug that affects multiple Exclude rules in a Smart gallery. I was able to reproduce the same issue when testing on my own site. From my testing, it looks like adding any more than 1 Exclude rule causes all Exclude rules to no longer apply. I wasn't able to find a great workaround, but I will file a bug and we'll have our team take a look. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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  • pilotdavepilotdave Major grins Registered Users Posts: 784 Major grins
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    Workaround I use for similar situations is multiple smart galleries. One for each rule, pulling pictures from the previous smart gallery. Just make the interim galleries unlisted.

    FYI, here's my bug report from 2016:


  • lfeiwellfeiwel USARegistered Users Posts: 20 Big grins

    I agree with PilotDave. I found multiple criteria, regardless of sequence and all/include/exclude. Just send results to an interim album, and interrogate that one, and the next etc.

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