RESULTS: Mini "Challenge # 320 Bridges_

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As each person put up their photos, I tried to decide which one of their photos I liked the best. And I couldn't always decide - sometimes I was vaccillating between two or all three of the photos. By the time the second person entered, I knew it was going to be really difficult.

Starting at the end with Sara - I love the castle on the hill in the first one, and the third one has intriguing angles and arches, but I think the Best Bridge is the Bridge over the Tarn

In Barbara's entries, I liked the covered bridge and I am envious of your ability to take photos at night, but I just loved the John A Roebling Suspension Bridge

Sherry the spider web of cables in the photo of the Brooklyn Bridge just captured me

I appreciate Jo West's Foresthill bridge - it reminds me of the New River Bridge and I love the photos of the California coast highway. But I just want to walk across the Yosemite Bridge.

Dave I was stopped cold by that bridge swinger. I am hoping to go to Ecuador in the fall, but while I don't have a problem with heights, I am not going to be doing that - I guarantee.

Pieter - I LOVED the spots of light on the cyclist bridge but the third photo has more "bridge" in it.

Joyce - the little red Japanese bridge is so sweet.

So HM to Dave for the bridge in Ecuador
HM to Pieter for the Cyclist's bridge
HM to Sara for the Bridge over the Tarn
Third to Sherry for the Brooklyn Bridge

Second to Pieter for the Harry Potter's train on the Glenfinnan Viaduct

First to Barbara for the John A Roebling Suspension Bridge

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