Mini Challenge #322 - People & Cargo movers on Air, Land and Water

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I don't believe this topic has been used in the recent past, so I'm pulling it out for this mini. It popped into my mind right away and I couldn't come up with another. I think the heat cap over California has fried my brain! (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Modes of transportation can be not only interesting, but in many cases are beautifully designed. The subjects can be anything that moves either people or cargo in the Air, on land, or on water.

A couple of specific rules for this mini:
1. Each transportation method must be able to move at least four (4) people or one-hundred (100) Lbs or forty-six (46) Kgs of goods.
2. Each method must be mechanical - not animal or human.
3. Each entry should show the method in actual use
4. It would be good if people and/or cargo can be seen in the shot- (a preference, not a requirement.)
5. And lastly, it would be outstanding if your entry set contained one shot for each - Air, Land and Water.

This mini will close at 6pm PDT on August 12, 2021.

And if you haven't participated before, please take a look at the un-official rules here:

Here are a few examples:

Army helicopter transporting VIPs to the American Wildfire for a briefing. The Helispot was quickly changed from a farmer's field into a safe landing spot close to base camp. Found that this 'rule' was difficult to adhere to since most air transportation shots are in the air (duh!) and not always obviously showing cargo or people. Remember - the fourth rule is not a hard requirement!

Wildfire crew heading out from base camp back to the front lines. They are rinsed from top to bottom including underneath the vehicle before returning to the fire.

The Madaket tour boat in Humbolt Bay, California.

I am anxious to see all your wonderful transportation examples!


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