Wildlife photography, crop sensor or full frame?

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I’m a wildlife photographer. I’ve been using an entry level Nikon d3400 with a Tamron 18 to 400. It’s time to upgrade my camera. I like the extra power I get with the crop factor, but it seems like getting another crop sensor camera like the Nikon d7500 wouldn’t be much of an upgrade. I’ve been considering a Nikon Z6. I loose the crop factor but gain what I think is a much better camera. I’ve narrowed my choice down to the Z6 or the d7500. Constructive thoughts would be much appreciated.


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    You might also consider a Nikon D7200.

    I agree that the D7500 might make a very good wildlife camera; basically a D500 in a lot of ways.

    A full-frame camera, like the Z6, is going to be considerably better in low-light, especially with faster [larger aperture] glass, which helps early in the morning and into the evening hours. Many animals emerge in those extra hours of reduced light. The Nikon Mount Adapter FTZ is available to allow "F-mount" lenses on Z-mount bodies, allowing a somewhat lesser financial investment into used Nikkor and third-party telephoto lenses.

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