Mini Challenge # 324 - Arches and Arcades

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We've had general architecture mini's but this time I want to get a bit more specific and focus on arches and arcades.
They can be old, modern, open, closed, free standing, part of a structure. The only requirement is that te arch/arcade shape can be clearly recognised.

Here's a few examples from me, but you can safely assume there are many more options possible within this brief.

Backside of the belfry in Brugge

Closed arches and reflection

Defensive arches

Arches under a bridge

Victory arch

Looking forward to your contributions and making my (judging) life difficult
This mini will be open for ~3 weeks and close on friday september 24 at noon (NWE time)

And if you haven't participated before, please take a look at the un-official rules here:

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