Mini Challenge # 325 - Converging Lines

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Text Book definition - The lines or edges of objects appear to converge or taper as they recede in the distance to a common point on the eye level or horizon line. In Linear Perspective this is referred to as a Vanishing Point. For this mini, the edges/lines can converge on the horizon, at the bottom or anywhere in the photo.

The Rules and Guidelines for Mini Challenges can be found at https://dgrin.com/discussion/248032/mini-challenge-un-official-rules#latest. Scroll to the top of that page to find the rules.
This mini will end in two weeks, on Saturday, October 9.

I haven't used this technique a lot, but I do appreciate the art form and am looking forward to your entries.
Here are a couple of simple examples:

Colorado highway heading into a storm:

Heading over the Sierra Mountains

A rather short example where the lines don't really converge, but do taper.


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