Mini Challenge #326 - Autumn's Beauty

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I just had an interrupted vacation that was supposed to include hiking through colorful forests along rushing streams. But sometimes things just don’t work out. So, for this challenge I would like for the entries to provide me with the beauty that I missed out on. The scenery should be the star of the photos, but people, animals, structures, and other man-made items are allowed. However, there should be no mistaking the season for anything except autumn. Not that they are needed, but here are a few examples.

This mini will close on 10/28/2021 at 8PM EDT.

And if you haven't participated before, please take a look at the un-official rules here: https://dgrin.com/discussion/248032/mini-challenge-un-official-rules



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    JAGJAG Super Moderators Posts: 9,088 moderator

    this is going to be a tough one to choose Barbara! Here are my 3, and I might change one or two before the closing of the challenge.

    1 Mirror Lake Alaska, (12 image panorama)
    Reflection Lake Alaska

    2 Chugiak Mountain Range backdrop a Wasilla Church on Wasilla Lake Alaska

    3 House on island in Wasilla Lake Alaska

    For those who might see that the title of this thread is missing a number, Barbara has already been notified and I am sure she will fix it asap.

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    I was winnowing down my list of possible entries - down from 30 to about 10 when I accidentally deleted the whole list. I had a photo of red berries which I can't find, and I was considering a photo of election posters (as the general election is in November and they are colorful). And I love to take photos of the light shining through the leaves but in the end I have defaulted to pictures of trees from three different places. Two of the photos are digitized film
    1. Vermont

    2. Rhode Island

    3. Colorado (where they only have trees that turn to gold - no reds)

    “"..an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered." G.K. Chesterton”
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    slpollettslpollett Registered Users Posts: 1,194 Major grins

    I love to see all the Autumn colors, so great timing for a mini. Unfortunately, I live in an area that doesn't have anything but green and Fall is my busiest time of the year at work (so no vacations to find that color for myself). I'm not sure if I'll even be able to find anything colorful, but I will see what I can find. I really love seeing everyone else's pics though!

    Sherry P

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    mrssheckymrsshecky Registered Users Posts: 7 Big grins
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    I hope this is right. My first photo post. But anyway, leaves are falling, even in California.

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    JAGJAG Super Moderators Posts: 9,088 moderator

    @mrsshecky you can find the mini challenge rules at this link. Great to see you participating!

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    CavalierCavalier Registered Users Posts: 3,034 Major grins

    Here are my entries:

    Sugar Pine Reservoir, Foresthill, Ca - rock skipping while the leaves change.

    The colorful Hope Valley in the Sierra Nevada Range showing off.

    June Lake - Sierra Nevada Range. Boating/fishing season is over, boats beached and leaves changing just before the first snow.

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    DavidRGillespieDavidRGillespie Registered Users Posts: 819 Many Grins
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    It is almost a hopeless task to find a set of three images from the hundreds of images of autumn colours in my library. Note I said "almost" I picked three images from autumn 2021 to tell a bit of a story

    1. in my region, autumn colours tend to be muted. The palette is soft golds and oranges against the moody green of evergreen forests. I replaced the original with one from last week that has better colours
    2. The vine maple is mostly a solitary tree, and provides small highlights of brilliant red

    1. Every season is different, and these cottonwood poplars on the banks of the Fraser River have produced an unprecedented display of yellow and gold

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    pegellipegelli Registered Users Posts: 8,777 Major grins

    I'm in the same position as David, too many choices but I selected these three from the several hundreds of possibilities.

    1: Almost fallen

    2: Fungi are an essential part of the autumn beauty

    3: A place for quiet reflection

    Pieter, aka pegelli
    My SmugMug
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    sarasphotossarasphotos Registered Users Posts: 3,830 Major grins

    Like David and Pieter I live in a "Fall colors" area and had hundreds of choices. I ended up with these three choices:

    1) Orange leaves

    2) Railroad bridge over the Wertach

    3) Fall bike ride

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    slpollettslpollett Registered Users Posts: 1,194 Major grins

    I don't have much for fall color, but I found these from a trip to Washington DC in Oct 2019. I forgot my daughter had an internship there and we went to help her move out. :)




    One day I will get to visit a place with spectacular fall color!

    Sherry Pollett

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    bfluegiebfluegie Registered Users Posts: 739 Major grins

    Sorry I haven't been very active in running this challenge, but I had a lot pop up suddenly. However, I did want to put up a reminder that there are two days left to get entries in. Thanks to everyone who has entered so far. I have really enjoyed everyone's fall photos. This isn't going to be easy...

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    bfluegiebfluegie Registered Users Posts: 739 Major grins

    This mini is now closed. I will have the results in a day or two.

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