Fungi and insects and water life... and more (Large series).

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These are from my local private nature reserve where I am volunteer. Includes: a centipede, coltsfoot, water life (cyclops, flatworm, Sminthurides malmgreni sprintails) plus scarlet elf cap, bracket fungus, an ink cap (?), ladybird and sepsis sp fly, an apion sp weevil, great crested newts (protected species) and a Neriene clathara spider.


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    Oh, these are wonderful Paul. I especially love the vivid colors of those red fungi, the ladybugs and that red spider.

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    Thank you both. :)


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    Very nice!

    I think the Inkcap is a Coprinellus, probably C. micaceus, the Glistening Inkcap, which has lost its scales.

    For the uninitiated, the Great Crested Newts are females, which don't have the dorsal crest.

    There are two very similar red Elf Cups, the Scarlet and the Ruby. One has those whitish hairs on the underside coiled like corkscrews the other has less-extreme twisting.


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