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  • wescandelawescandela Registered Users Posts: 9 Big grins

    I’m sorry to read this in the term since First reporting the issue, I’ve been able to get minor, and I’ve actually been able to start getting feedback from my Google Analytics reports.
    Very minor and in frequent updates, but something is struggling to work. However, it’s very much like the issue you are pointing out. I am getting a fraction of the information my stat count account provides me compared to Google.

    However, on my other website, which is a WordPress website, the tracking is flawless

    I have no idea what’s going on

  •[email protected] Registered Users Posts: 68 Big grins

    I have not looked at GA for a long time because without individual "lightbox" hits it does not tell me much. But today I took a look and discovered GA has not received any SmugMug hits of any kind since July 1, 2023. Complete silence.

    I hereby offer a $200 reward to any official SmugMug employee who can fix this and show us a good, comprehensive tutorial on how to make it work. Again: not thumbnails, not gallery pages, not pre-fetch junk. Hits on actual full screen images.

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