Lightroom Catalog gets corrupted when I swap SSD into my other editing computer.

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I have 2 identical computers with the same Lightroom running on them.

I usually work on my home computer editing wedding photos in the morning. When I need to go to the office I take my editing SSD drive with me and istall it into my other PC. This is not an external SSD but a regular secondary drive I insert into the computer and close the housing.

Every time I swap the SSD drive the Lightroom catalog gets corrupted. The backup copy works so I use that all the time but the main catalog is corrupted.

My question: Why does it create a problem that I remove the SSD and insert it into another computer? Both computers has the same processor, motherboard, etc. I make sure I completely shut down the computer before I remove the drive.

Any ideas????


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    Pure speculation on my part, but do either or both of your computers encrypt the hard drives? Can you read other files on the drive when LR isn't working?

  • EskuvoEskuvo Registered Users Posts: 42 Big grins

    Encryption is turned off. All other files are fine and open....

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    It's impossible to know for sure without asking Adobe, but it's possible Lightroom embeds the machine ID in the catalog and uses it when it opens the DB. Just a guess. If it does, when you move the catalog to a different machine, the ID will not match

  • EskuvoEskuvo Registered Users Posts: 42 Big grins

    I have noticed that the corruption doesn‘t happen when I unplug the pc and try to start it again. The pc doesn't start obviously put removes all the leftover power from the computer. Then I remove the hard drive and I do the same procedure with the other computer. This way I can use the files in the second computer without any problem.

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