Mini Challenge #346 "What I did on Holiday Break"

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In keeping with a wide-open challenge as Pieter did last round, this challenge is simple and can cover a great number of topics. So, I will be giving a little longer for all to complete this challenge and leave it up a little longer than our usual challenges, in order to give people time to join in after the Holidays.

What I am looking for are images that meet the statement; "What I did on Holiday Break." Taking new images would be great, but if you didn't get anything worthy this year but have previous years that are better, then by all means post previous images. If at all possible, try to post 3 different images of the same holiday activities, as I have shown in my examples.

This challenge starts immediately and will run till January 8th 2023 at Noon Alaska time. (-9 GMT). As always, check out the Unofficial Mini Challenge Rules.

Here are my examples:

Brought in the New Year with our annual Nerf War
Preparing the battlefield with balloons

the weapons

1of the participants

Baking fun with lil-one

Playing dress-up with family pet

creating family memories


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    Holiday spirit o:)

    First put some presents for the family under the tree (and took an unintended selfie)

    Then ate a giant turkey (not alone)

    Had to walk it off with a long beach walk

    Pieter, aka pegelli
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    Wow, everyone must really be busy with the holidays that only one has added pictures yet. I did travel for Christmas and just got home on the 27th. We had a road trip to visit our daughter and her fiance in Tucson, Arizona. Our daughter lives in South Carolina, but was visiting her fiance who lives in Tucson while finishing his Master's degree at the University of Arizona. He graduates in May and will join our daughter this summer in SC at that time. Our daughter thinks it is a travesty that Edward (her SO) has been in Arizona for two years and has never visited the Grand Canyon, so that is what she wanted them to have for Christmas. On our way to Tucson, we stopped at White Sands National Park since I had never been there. I loved it and wish I'd had more time. We saw a lot of folks sledding the dunes. That looked like fun, but we didn't have time for that, sadly enough. I am still working on downloading and reviewing all the images I took at White Sands and the Grand Canyon, so I will post some when I can. I will try to add them sometime this weekend.

    Edited to add the images

    1. A view of the Sacramento Mountains (Cloudcroft) as seen from White Sands National Park. The white gypsum sand there is really incredible. It looks so much like snow and is cool to the touch year-round no matter what the air temperature is.

    2. This is a view of the Grand Canyon from the South Kaibab trail.

    3. Another Grand Canyon view, this one from the Desert View overlook on the east side of the South Rim. Someone told me that it looks like the rock formation on the left is winking at us.

    Sherry P.

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    Thank you, Pieter ( @pegelli ) , for getting us started! @slpollett , I'm sure we will get quite a few once New years is over too. I look forward to seeing yours too!

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    We don't generally do much on New Years Eve. when I was 12, my sister and I went to the Orange Bowl parade with a baby sitter, but there are no photos of that. When I was 15 a friend of my mom took me and her daughters to New Years Eve at a night club, but no photos of that either. In 2000 our boat was moored off RIckenbacker Kay. On New Years Eve, Bob went to bed, but I got up at midnight and went out on deck - i was able to watch 4 fireworks displays - Miami, Miami Beach, Crandon Park (?) and Coconut Grove. But I didn't attempt to take any photos. I have photos of Christmas when my kids were little, and in 2016, my kids came down to our house for Christmas dinner, but I have only one useable photo from that visit. I have some photos from my birthday this year, but my birthday isn't a holiday. So the best I can do is photos from a Christmas-New Years cruise we took in 2018-2019.
    1. Cracker

    2, Riddle

    3. Selfie

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    thanks for entering @grandmaR ! To all those who haven't yet, there are 6 more days till this closes. Don't wait too long!!

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    After a somewhat overloaded November and December, I finally have a bit of time to participate in a mini. Here are a few from our five days away over Christmas. Since my husband recently bought himself new skis we drove 4 hours to South Tyrol in northern Italy, where there is snow (here in Germany, north of the Alps, the mountains are as yet sadly bare).

    1) Cristmas Market in Bruneck (Brunico). Since I don't ski, we always include other activities in our winter vacations, like visiting the nearby towns. I liked this local twist on Christmas tree balls.

    2) On Christmas Eve we walked to the center of the town nearest our hotel. Amazing that this little town of 1800 inhabitants has such a lovely church, which was still in the process of being decorated.

    3) On Christmas Day we visited a ski area with a 360 view of the Dolomites and Alps. Thank goodness the weather Gods were on our side. Werner skis, I take pictures.

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    Thanks for entering @sarasphotos

    4 more days everybody! Hurry!

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    This challenge is now closed. Soon the winners will be announced. A big thanks to all who entered.

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