Mini Challenge #347 "Big Bodies of Water"

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This time I'm choosing a pretty general theme in the hope that there are a few more entries.

I'd like to see your three best/favorite pictures of large bodies of water, i.e. lakes or oceans, where the body of water is the star of the picture. This time PLEASE NO rivers, streams, canals or other flowing waterways And also please not necessarily a sunrise/sunset scene, although** I would love to see some interesting weather (clouds, rain, storm, etc.) in the picture**.

The challenge will end on Saturday, January 28 at 6pm PST.

A couple of examples:

Here's the link to the un-official rules:


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    I have a big selection of large bodies of water. However, most of them have sunsets or sunrises in them because let's be honest, those are the best times to take dramatic photos! Regardless, I will stick to your set of rules and I will also try hard to post images that haven't been used here before.

    1 Caribbean Sea at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

    2 Hilo, Hawaii (taken with my cell phone set on panorama)

    3 Caribbean Sea as seen from Bridgetown, Barbados

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    Great start, Joyce! And all with no sunrise/sunset. :smiley:

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    Nice challenge Sara, here's my entries:

    1: Gone fishing

    2: On tow

    3: Going out to sea

    Pieter, aka pegelli
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    Hi Pieter, thanks for the wonderful set of entries.

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    I have a lot of photos of the water because we have a boat. A lot of them are sunrises or sunsets, so I tried to find other-than photos. These are chronological.

    1. Fog on the Pacific coast of California - digitized slide taken in 1965

    2. This is off the Atlantic coast of the Florida Keys taken from our boat about 2004. It was windy and stormy and the wind has stirred up the sand and turned the water from blue to green.

    3. From a cruise ship in January 2011 as we are going through the Gulf Stream off the coast of NC. The water is warm. The air is cold and so there is steam.

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    1. Scotland, Isle of Skye. Waiting for the ferry to the Scottisch mainland. (Water is part of the Atlantic Ocean)

    1. France, Normany. Arromanches-Les-Bains (North Sea)

    1. France, Cap Blanc Nez, view of the White Cliffs of Dover (UK) - (North Sea, English Channel)

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    @grandmaR @GSPeP
    Thank you both for the great entries! I'm really enjoying what everyone is posting.

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    Good topic! these three are of areas on the Pacific Coast

    1) A gloomy day on the Pacific Coast entertained by Pelicans

    2) Los Oso, Ca. just south of Morro Bay

    3) near Point Arena.Ca

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    What a lovely theme for a mini! I am hoping to share some photos from a recent trip to Point Lobos in California but am still moving them off memory cards. So here are a few others.

    1) Piha Beach (2011, North Island of New Zealand)

    2) Waters off De Hoop Nature Reserve (north of Cape Town in South Africa)

    3) Big Sur Coast January 2023 (just after the storms in California)

    Most of the state parks in this part of California were still closed because of the drenching rains, and several roads were closed. Point Lobos opened the day we arrived, and we spent an afternoon and the next morning there. I think this image was captured while driving south in the Big Sur area shortly before sunset. Crews had cleared most of the rock slides but were still repairing roads.

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    @Cavalier @sapphire73 Jo & Gretchen, thank you both for the wonderful entries. This one's going to be tough to judge!

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    Hey folks, only one more day to enter!

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    The mini is now closed. I hope to have the results up later today or tomorrow.

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