Bull moose in our yard

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This bull had wandered down to our slough for a drink of water, when I noticed it the giant was starting to head away. I quickly grabbed the first camera that I seen sitting on the workbench, my Nikon D810 and it had my Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 lens on it. No time to look for the longer 200-500mm Nikon lens, this set up would have to do. Moose can cover a lot of distance in a very short time and I wanted to get some shots before it was gone forever. By the time I got outside it had crossed the road and ran into my neighbours farm. Standing at the end of my driveway I was able to capture some photos of the large beast all while wishing I had my long lens attached, however the higher resolution of the D810 allowed me to crop in to the shot helping to make up for the missing focal range.
The moose was heading away so I whistled to get it's attention, I got it alright ,it turned and started running my way. I thought OK now ive done it, im about to get stomped into the ground by this monster. The moose stopped and presented itself in such a way that any hunter would wish for as seen in the third and remaining photo's. These truly are magnificent creatures.

When the moose eventually left the area I walked back down my driveway and into my house were I promptly proceeded to change my underwear. : )

Thanks for looking, regards....Mike


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