Old Man of Stor

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Morning glow at the Old Man of Stor (Isle of Skye)

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    Nice shot.....interesting terrain, to say the least. I wonder if any adventurous soul has ever tried to scale that extreme, pointed peak.


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    Pieter, you got a rare clear view of OMoS. DId you go there with a group of photogs?

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    Thanks for the comments Tom and David.
    @black mamba While we were there nobody tried to climb the peaks but I have seen photos of people standing on top. Not for me though, I'd much more enjoy looking at them from a distance in the soft morning light.
    @David_S85 Yes, we visited Skye for a week for a landscape photography workshop. The walk up from the road to get this view started at 4 am while it was still pitch dark and took almost 2 hours, but in the end it was well worth it.

    Pieter, aka pegelli
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  • kdogkdog Administrators Posts: 11,680 moderator

    Beautiful location and composition.

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    I was up photographing the Old Man of Stor, twice, once in October of 2014 and again in October of 2019. What a spectacular place to see, and experience. The first was totally overcast, the second was only partially overcast, there were some blue patches in the sky.

    I need to re-edit some images from those excursions since the advent of more modern noise reduction editing software. I have really loved my trips to Scotland.

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