Zoo Set #3

El GatoEl Gato Registered Users Posts: 1,242 Major grins

The third installment of my work/series on entry-level animal photography.

By entry-level, I mean does not require; crack-of-dawn wakeup call, a bush plane, canoe, crampons, a bivouac shelter and sitting for hours in a camouflaged blind. Been there, done that, in my younger years. Now, a trip to the zoo provides the opportunity to practice some basic animal photography, albeit not as "wild" but, I get to sleep in my own bed at night!

C&C always welcomed and appreciated.





  • David_S85David_S85 Administrators Posts: 13,158 moderator

    Great set. Love the third of the Orang

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  • black mambablack mamba Registered Users Posts: 8,318 Major grins

    Terrific stuff here, Al. These " character " shots you generate are amazing. In #2 the cat looks like he realizes you're taking his picture and he's putting his most regal face on. And your imagination to create the other two images just blows me away. Kudos, my friend.

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  • CornflakeCornflake Registered Users Posts: 3,344 Major grins

    I'm a fan. The primate hands are particularly effective.

  • spanky117abspanky117ab Registered Users Posts: 263 Major grins

    Very nice but number 3 is my favorite, gotta love the pose.

  • El GatoEl Gato Registered Users Posts: 1,242 Major grins

    Thank you everyone for your comments...they are truly appreciated!!

  • JuanoJuano Registered Users Posts: 4,876 Major grins

    Great set!

    The first one creeps me out a little. The cheetah is very elegant, did you process it somehow to make it look soft, oil painting-like? With the rest I think the third one is awesome and fun!

  • El GatoEl Gato Registered Users Posts: 1,242 Major grins


    Thank you for your comments...most appreciative!

    The cheetah image had some post-processing to clean up errant background debris. However, I did nothing in post-processing to adjust the final, overall image's look. I was very fortunate to have some helpful lighting and a photogenic subject the day I took this shot. I have gone back several times to this particular animal's habitat in the zoo and this chap and his fellow residents where nowhere to be seen...pretty elusive.

    Thank you again for your comments.

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