Mini Challenge #365 - Clouds, clouds, and more clouds

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My last trip was to Oregon to try to see the annular eclipse. As you can guess from the title of this challenge, it was pretty much a bust. But Oregon is beautiful, and I did spend a full week there. So there were plenty of photo opportunities other than the eclipse. But I also did see a lot of clouds. I tried to make the best of it, and of course, I have encountered a lot of clouds over the years. So, I would like to see the most photogenic clouds you have—gray or white, golden or rosy, with or without sun peeking through. The clouds don’t have to be the subject, but they should be prominent and well presented. Landscape, wildlife, portraits, picnics, random family shots, all are welcome… along with anything else you can think of. As long as there are clouds. 😊 This mini will run until Sunday, 18 Feb 2024, 8:00 PM Eastern US time.
Mini rules are at this link:

While I don’t think any photographer actually needs examples, here are a few anyway.

“Sunrise”, morning of the 2023 annular eclipse at my chosen location

Petrified Forest Sunset

Yosemite Valley View

And an example from each of my eclipses (so far): 2017, 2021, 2023. Clouds, clouds, and more clouds.



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    One of my favorite topics! So many clouds, so little time!

    1) Threatening cloud coming in over the Pacific into Capitola, Ca.

    2) Lenticular cloud formation over Yosemite National Park, Ca

    3)Sunset clouds over Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

    Not for entry, - This is my favorite Rock with a cloud crown hiding the peak. Morro Rock in Morro Bay, Ca.
    To get an idea of the size of Morro Rock, the lights at the center-right bottom are from a car and there is a building to the right of that.

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    Thanks for getting us started off with some great photos, Jo @Cavalier.

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    1. Behind the light

    2. Leaving Sydney

    3. End of the day on the ICW

    “" adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered." G.K. Chesterton”
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    Jeff I think this is were u want to go God's map

    Jeff W

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    Not photoshoped this is what I saw

    Jeff W

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    When I saw this topic, I immediately thought of one particular photo that I took a few years ago. I actually thought that would be my only cloud picture, but then I found others! I ended up not liking the one I originally thought of as much as some of the others I found.

    1. Sunrise from Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, Maine -- for some parts of the year, this spot sees the sunrise first before any other location in the U.S. This was during that time. It was gorgeous and no picture will ever do that view any justice.

    2. Vermillion Cliffs, Utah

    3. Heading for the Storm --not exactly what you want to see in front of you as you drive down the road. This was approaching Albuquerque, NM. That rain was something else that day.

    Nice topic for this mini!

    Sherry P.

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    @grandmaR, @jwear, and @slpollett: great entries. I'm hoping to see more, but this is a great start.

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    Ooh, I'm loving this. It's going to be hard to decide, but this is what I was looking for. There's plenty of time for more entries.

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    Great theme and wonderful eintries! Here are mine...

    1) Oh ugh! Driving home after two weeks in sunny southern Italy, our first glimpse of the German Alps. :-/

    2)Rovinj, Croatia - the clouds were sitting right on the ocean.

    3) January sunrise at home. It's a rare day that we're up to see the sunrise but this one a few weeks ago was a winner.

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    Such fun to see all these photos of clouds! Finally found time to look for some to share.

    1. Autumn Day in Pennypack Watershed Preserve

    2. Morning Clouds over Ocean City

    3. Clouds above Sanibel Island

    Not an entry, this is one of my favorite photos of clouds. It was taken on Captiva Island and I have entered it in several earlier challenges.

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    Thanks for the great entries Sara @sarasphotos and Gretchen @sapphire73. There's just a little over a day left for those who are still thinking about entering. All the entries so far are going to make a decision pretty hard, but I wouldn't mind a few additional entries to up the difficulty level even more.

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    This challenge is now closed. Thanks for all the great entries. It will be a day or two before I have the results up.

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    OOPS! I lost track of time. I'll get this done by this evening... Sorry!

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