Computer Benchmark Tests with Photoshop



  • noeltykaynoeltykay Registered Users Posts: 109 Major grins

    2017 iMac Retina 5K
    4.2Ghz Quad Core
    32GB's RAM

    8 Bit 2 seconds.

  • pathfinderpathfinder Super Moderators Posts: 14,693 moderator
    edited February 28, 2018

    2013 MacPro tower 3.5 GHz 6 core Xenon E5 64 Gbs RAM Photoshop CC 2018

    16 bit image

    ~ 5 secs - less than 6 for sure

    I found the description of the test on the ReTouch Pro site -

    "I put this in the Hardware forum even though I mentioned Photoshop, because it has more to do with hardware than Photoshop.

    In Photoshop, make a new RGB white bg 8x10 300ppi document. Open Add Noise and set to Uniform, Monochromatic, 400% and click OK. Then open Radial Blur, set to Amount 100, Method Zoom, Quality Best but do not hit OK yet.

    As you hit OK, start timing. Continue timing until the filter finishes, then stop.

    Report the time back here along with your machine specs.

    Pathfinder -

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