Trip to my cabin in Rjukan, Norway

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My cabin is somewhat far from civilization (which i like) and about 1200 meters above sea level. It was built by my ancestors in 1864.

Anyway, I decided to spend one week all alone this time. Just walking around taking pictures. I had a very special encounter during this week.

Here is the cabin



One day i was walking on top of one of the mountains near by my cabin. I was trying to find a nice spot for a picture. As i was coming round a curve i swear i almost stepped on a reindeer lying on the ground eating. Below is a picture for illustration.


At the top you can see my cabin and at the bottom you can see the reindeer. I had a heavy wind against me and as i was coming from behind him, so he didn't notice me. I went back and i laid down about 3 meters above him just watching him eat. I didn't have good shot at this time.

After about 15 minutes he started to react to something. Probably me. He looked all confused and started to run. I felt desperate because i only had a shot of him from behind, so i started to run after him. At the top on an edge he stopped and turned around. He looked me straight in the eyes. I didn't know if i should run like hell or if i should point my camera on him.


Well, i got some shots before he disappeared.



Throwing rocks is fun


Fishing trout



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    Two Rough-legged Hawks and a couple of Northern harriers was nesting near by as well. Very difficult to get close shots of them since they are very protective of their nests and i didn't want to bother them too much either. Exciting when approaching their nest though, because they circle around over you making scary noises.

    Northern harrier


    Rough-legged Hawk


    Norway lemming


    Melanoplus frigidus. Not sure of the english name. This one lives in Scandinavia, Alpes in Europe, North mountains in Russia, and North in Canada


    Some of the pictures i took. Thanks for looking :D
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    Now they are cool shots thumb.gif How was the lemming ?
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    Thank you! The Lemming tasted like chicken :D
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    It must have been amazing, spending a week up there all by yourself. And a great shot of a reindeer to boot!
    enjoy being here while getting there
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    Great photos
    Love the reflections very nice.

    Everything tastes like chicken :D

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    Looks like a horrible place to be. I'm not at all jealous. bowdown.gif

    Great shots.

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    Great shots and a lovely location.
    It looks a lot like Scotland but I'd say our trout are much bigger than yours...:D

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    Beautiful, both the pictures and the place. Thanks for sharing.
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    Beautiful shots. Your images made me ache with a sense of loneliness I haven't felt in a long time. When I was younger, before I had my family or met my partner, twilight made me lonely and sad. I felt as if I was missing these people I hadn't even met yet but were destined to be connected to me. It was strange to feel that way--even then I thought so.

    Your images reminded me of that time--of searching and longing. Maybe it's the obvious isolation and breath-taking beauty.

    Nice work and thanks for sharing.
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    Thankyou so much for the great pictures and story. I've never been away from North America (we live in Canada) and it's wonderful to see such cool illustrations from ordinary people just like us showing us your part of the world.

    Somebody should start an on line "Amateur Geographic Society"

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    Being able to step away from everything and go to a place that is completely disconnected from the world is such an amazing thing. It really makes you stop and think about the things that are really important in your life. Also, knowing that many members of your family before you have done the same thing must add a little something extra to the experience.

    Standing face to face with a huge Reindeer must have been a scary experience! I understand that they can be somewhat aggressive, at least I know that Deer and Elk here in Colorado can be. I'm sure I would have tucked my camera under my arm and ran as fast as I could the other way!

    Excellent set of photos, thanks for taking us along to such a special place :D
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    Thanks a lot for your heartwarming comments, folks! Yes, it's really a paradise and a wonderful place to be to reload ones batteries.

    I didn't see a single soul the whole week. Below is a not so good panorama to show you an overview of the place. My cabin the small dot by the water upper right.

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    Beautiful Photos, love the reindeer and it is great you have taken good care of that ancesteral cabin for 100+ yrs....man you are old. thumb.gif
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    Wow, Norway is beautiful. The pictures are amazing. If that red cabin is yours, then I envy you. It must be an amazing place to stay
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    Thank you for the beautiful journey! Your shots are stunning and the location and isolation of your cabin is to be envied. I was in awe reading about your experience with the reindeer (wonderful shot!). When one lives in such a congested area as I do, it is hard to realize places like this do exist!
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    Magnificent shots. I love the sunset (which has become sucha cliche subject0 but you pull it off with aplomb. The reindeer is National Geographic calibre. Really great stuff. Thanks for sharing. clap.gif
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