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    gluwater wrote: »
    I've also added SmugImport under the Facebook section.
    Where is the page for the Hacks and Apps now? None of the links work.
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    Instant Upload for SmugMug (Android App)
    Instantly upload photos to your SmugMug account.

    Photos taken by your camera will automatically be uploaded to your SmugMug account. You configure what album the photos should be uploaded to and Instant SmugMug works silently in the background, notifying you when your latest photos have been uploaded.

    Settings allow you to control whether to limit uploading while connected to WIFI or at any time.

    Search for 'Instant SmugMug' on Google Play use this link direct.

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    SmugMugBrowser: New Chrome App
    To my knowledge, my new SmugMugBrowser is the first Chrome App for SmugMug. Use it to browse categories, subcategories, and galleries (albums), to see thumbnails for a gallery, and to see large images along with EXIF data.

    Available from:

    It's free and runs under Chrome (Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebooks).
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    BlackMug - BlackBerry 10 smugmug uploader App

    BlackMug just got launched. Check it out in BlackBerry World here Let me know what you think?!

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