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    wxwax wrote:
    Kids, if you're thinking about buying an external hard drive, there's a great price to be had on buy.com.

    They have the highly rated Maxtor 120BG drive for sale for $140 after a rebate. That's a great price. I just got the 40GB Maxtor, and it's dead silent, can't hear a thing.


    So waxolus...can i use one of these instead of an internal H/D ? I stuff them so fast it would be much easier to have one i could just plug in....& im serious.
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    Oh yeah, absolutely. If you have USB 2, maybe even Firewire, they're every bit as quick as your internal hard drive. I can't tell the difference, to be honest.

    Fish talks about filling 'em up and buying new ones to replace them. I talk about sort of filling 'em up, but regularly cleaning out files by burning them to DVD.

    That's why I don't think I need a 120 gig. I just bought a 40 gig which works great. And I figure I'll be burning stuff off to DVD way before I come close to filling it up. At least, I hope I do!
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