Street shots in Tokyo, part II

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I've found I really enjoy walking down the street and grabbing shots as they come by. Sometimes sitting someplace and waiting for the right person, or situation. I wish I had more time (and a more interesting place) to do this when not on vacation. Oh, and Andy, when is your next workshop?

Anyway, here are few more that I've processed while still on vacation:

This guy was singing on the Harajuku bridge. And by singing, I mean wailing his heart out to late 80's early 90's rock. I was under the impression he was there semi regularly. He definitely drew a crowd.

Some girls headed up to the bridge for the cosplay group.

A few gentleman sharing paints in the park.

I wish I had more shots of the Rockabilly crowd, but my battery died while my spare was in the other bag DOH!


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    I love the one of the gentlemen in the park. Very nice moment you captured. clap.gif

    Harajuku sounds like a dream to photograph (at least to me). Everybody cosplay! :D
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    Beautiful. I'll be travelling to japan in the next 1-3 years myself (depending on how it goes w/ college and going abroad). :)
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    Very nice second set man. I like the dude singing. He looks like his cat just died. :D I cant even tell you how jealous this makes me. Stop posting pics.... rolleyes1.gif
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    Llywellyn - Thanks for looking. When we first got there they were on two separate benches, but moved to share paints. Just wish my battery hadn't died after that :( And to be honest I was fairly un-impressed with the Harajuku. Well, I think it was mostly how Holier-than-thou some of the girls were. It's a lot like the Balto/DC Goth crowd.

    DRT-Maverick - It's a lot of fun. I wouldn't want to live here, but I think it's a great place to visit!

    Dean - That man was wailing his heart out so hard. It was kinda sad watching him. But, maybe that was his idea of a good time? Who knows. And the secret about traveling is simply making it a priority. Set up a travel fund and let it build up over time. Before you know it, you can afford to go where you've set your goal for :ivar
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