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Hi there

Does anyone (possibly devbobo or Andy?) know what the SessionID inactivity timeout is?

To be more specific, when logging in with one of the login.with* calls, the SessionID is returned. How long is this SessionID valid for if I don't use it again for another call?

I've found that if I reuse the SessionID on regular intervals, say every 2 hours, it seems to be accepted indefinitely, however if I leave it for an extended period of time, say overnight, the SessionID is no longer valid, and I need to relogin.

Colin Seymour
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    Hey Colin,

    I believe that it times out after 6 hours of inactivity.


    David Parry
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    Thanks David.
    Colin Seymour
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    Is 6 hours definitive as the timeout for the session id? Reason I ask is I'm testing a smugmug provider for a Drupal module that I'm developing. I'm working on a dev machine so I have directly access to the database. I'm definitely sending requests to the smugmug api using a sessionid I originally retrieved (and haven't used since) 23.5 hours ago.

    Perhaps it is the case that session ids sometimes work longer than others because of some internal smugmug api implementation? That said, I definitely have to know definitively what is the minimum time which smugmug "might" invalidate a sessionid so I can avoid unnecessary errors (or unnecessary complication) in my code.

    Smugmug and the api are awesome! Thanks in advance.

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