Mini-Challenge 4 Winner

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Bear with me, I am typing this on some sort of german keyboard, with no apparent apostrophes and the Z and the Y in the wrong place.

Runners Up, in no particular order

Anwmn1- heading west


beautiful pic- no commentary needed. Except for the fact that the watermark is waaaaay too obvious.

richtersl- abandoned homestead


Very strong, close to the number one spot. conversion is spot on.

Karrie McD- a little too late


I know, I know. It has selective coloring. I am nothing if not inconsistent. Let em explain my reasoning- selective coloring is, 99% of the time, pure schlock. "wow, everything is black and white but that single red rose!" or "amazing, a picture of a cute baby with the blue of its eyes the only color! I certainly have never seen that before."

I. Detest. Schlock. Period, end of discussion. This is why I would conditionally forbid selective colorization and dogmatically refuse to consider shots of babies in any contest I would ever run or be a judge in.

But this photo is slyly funny, and that forgives a lot. Schlock with humor is kitsch, and that is fine. Schlock alone is undigestible.

Awais Yqub- Still looking the way


I have no idea how Awais gets these shots. They are amazing.

Second Place

FlyingGina- resting in peace


This shot is great. It is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. IT conveys desolation very well, and the flag contextualizes this very well, as well as washing out the rest of the colors.

Da Champeen of the world

The winner is, according to my own aesthetic judgement (which you should substite for your own in all instances, due to my well know refinededty) is....

JAG- Cold Grave Stone


In the end it was a difficult choice, but I chose this one due to a number of factors. First, the composition is excellent. Thematically it fits well into desolation, loss, etc. The Angle is fantastic, I love the way the shadows fall across the snow. Five Stars.

So, JAG, I guess you are the lucky guy. Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make great.
Cave ab homine unius libri


  • FlyingginaFlyinggina To see and not be seen Registered Users Posts: 2,639 Major grins
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    Contratulations to JAG and to everyone who entered. clap.gifclapclap.gif

    I am honored that my picture was picked for second place, but totally humbled by the touching, nostalgic and beautiful photographs that people submitted. They made me think and feel and I can give no higher praise. bowdown.gifbowbowdown.gifbow

    "A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know." Diane Arbus

  • GreensquaredGreensquared Lost my lens cap Cartersville, GARegistered Users Posts: 2,115 Major grins
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    Congrats JAG...a totally deserving image!
    Psalm 62:5-6

  • richterslrichtersl Major grins Registered Users Posts: 3,322 Major grins
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    Justiceiro wrote:
    richtersl- abandoned homestead

    Very strong, close to the number one spot. conversion is spot on.

    Thanks! I'm honored. iloveyou.gif

    And, congratulations to JAG! Great image!!!! clap.gif
  • redleashredleash Texas Grins San Antonio, TXRegistered Users Posts: 3,817 Major grins
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    Congrats JAG! Nice images from everyone.
    "But ask the animals, and they will teach you." (Job 12:7)

    Lauren Blackwell
  • Awais YaqubAwais Yaqub One Inspired soul Registered Users Posts: 10,566 Major grins
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    OMG this was my favorite image great work.
    Thine is the beauty of light; mine is the song of fire. Thy beauty exalts the heart; my song inspires the soul. Allama Iqbal

  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKSuper Moderators Posts: 7,546 moderator
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    Oh my! What an honor! Thank you very much. I am totally shocked as there were so many great photos! This shot was taken from the window of a 14th story of the Sheraton hotel room that is in Anchorage Alaska. I now need to come up with a theme eh? let me get my first morning coffee and put my thinking cap on.eek7.gif

    Again thank you.wings.gif
  • Karrie McDKarrie McD Major grins Registered Users Posts: 372 Major grins
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    Thanks for placing my photo in the runner up category; I'm extreamly proud to have shown an execption to your "rule" about selective coloring. There are soooooo many good photos that come out of this topic.

    JAG congrats, that is a great photo!
    "Whether you think you can or you can't, you are right."
  • ladytxladytx Major grins Registered Users Posts: 814 Major grins
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    Congrats Jag! I am in 100% agreement with your photo being the winner. The moment I saw it my response was ... WOW ..that is totally awesome!! Hope it is enlarged and hanging in your house. It should be.
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