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    Easier Sorting?
    Hello - I LOVE the package feature that is offered through the labs with Smugmug and have never had a question about making things a little simpler until a week or so ago. I shot a university graduation ceremony and uploaded the pictures in order of how they walked up to the stage - in hindsight I may try to organize by the last name or something different next time - but there are over 2000 images for this gallery.

    One of the graduates wrote to me asking two things 1) was there a way she could type in the image number for her pictures once she had chosen her package rather than having to scroll through all 2,000 photos each time and 2) she wanted the same image to be the featured image that she chose for the entire package.

    It would seem there could be a way to have a "select all" button or something similar that allows the same image to be selected for several of the package sizes rather than having to go back and click it each time. Also, it would be nice to feature a search engine or something to narrow down the pictures in the gallery quicker when the gallery features several 100 (or thousand) images.

    What's the possibility for something to be added? Granted, I have not migrated over to the new Smugmug yet, so I could be missing out on any new features that may entail. Just wanted to write and see if I was missing on a simpler way of doing things. Thanks for any and all help!
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    Package Assignment During Gallery Creation
    Greetings Everyone,

    I shoot multiple genres (Portraits / Sporting Events) each having their own "Packages". Is there a way to assign the "Package" during the gallery creation process.

    For example I have (6) packages for sporting / teams.....I currently have to click on each package, then assign the gallery...

    Sometimes I forget to make the gallery / package association....I know I could "reduce the number of packages that I offer, but I try to have a price point that works with the income of the community I support.

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    I'm wondering if there's a way to include other products in the package, say a 4x8 card and/or download? I think I'd sell more with options outside of prints only.
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    AFriesen wrote: »
    I'm wondering if there's a way to include other products in the package, say a 4x8 card and/or download? I think I'd sell more with options outside of prints only.
    It appears that a package is associated with a single lab. When I go in to set up a package the only lab that includes merchandise and cards is EZPrints. If that is the lab you are using for your package then other products are available. For the other labs the only option is prints.

    On your downloads question, I found this on the help page at
    FYI: Digital downloads aren't available for Packages, but you can sell them by gallery by offering Gallery Downloads.
    More info on Gallery Downloads is on this page -

    --- Denise
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    So, its been 4 years now, any chance of getting digital downloads as part of a package in 2014?
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    Yes - can we please at least get an update on this? I'm 'trying' to come back to SmugMug, but it isn't made any easier when I come and have a look around and the same old issues are still causing problems. There needs to be an option for proper digital packages, as I'm sure everyone at SmugMug well knows. Jumping from a single image to an entire gallery (many of which hold hundreds of images from a sporting event, most of which would be irrelevant to my customers) is absurd.
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    Unfortunately, we don't have any updates at this time.
    Keep in mind that you can request new features, vote on feature requests, and track status of existing feature development directly from our Feature Request Forum.
    Here's a direct link to the Digital Downloads for Packages request:
    SmugMug Support Hero
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