Where are the other four finalists?



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    Interesting topic. Flug, sometimes you are most insightful.

    Picking any number of finalists is probably pretty difficult. I know I wouldn't
    know what to do. Andy/Eric, fine job.

    Though there were only six, I had a tough time choosing. Usually, one jumps
    right out as my "winner". But this time, I had to scroll through a few times.

    I wish I had the time and effort to put into the challenges that so many
    have put forth in complaining.

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    Interesting reactions!
    I didn't enter this challenge for lack of time and, frankly, I thought it was a hard one! So I congratulate all that got out there and made the effort to capture their view of "dirt".

    I have to admit I haven't always agreed with the results of the contest and in this particular one there was at least one shot that I personally thought belonged in the finalist list. That said, I also understand the concept of "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and Andy's feedback made it pretty clear what he saw and didn't see in the pictures.

    I have no issue with not having 10 finalists all the time. I actually think there have been several contests where there were too many finalists so I'm glad to see the integrity of the judges come through in their decision of what to put forward for voting.

    I'm very much against having just a "populist" vote without any type of judging. I think the judging process brings out the best out of the challenge. Maybe not perfect but certainly true in the long run.

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    Speaking as someone who I swear is going to enter one of these challenges one of these days, I swear, I would also recommend being consistent and sticking with 10 finalists.

    Let's say that you had decided to add an additional four entries to the finalists to include ten. What would have happened? Likely nothing. The finalist almost certainly would still have been one of the top six (and likely whoever is in the lead now).

    And most importantly, you could then answer any criticism or complaints just by saying "We picked ten, because that's what we always do." I doubt anyone would have said anything.

    Trust me on this. Consistency is good. Inconsistency gives people an opening to complain. An inconsistent rule in a contest like this is just going to cause problems.

    Consistency is also dull, yes, but dull is really underrated in many areas of life.
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    mwgrice wrote:
    because that's what we always do." I doubt anyone would have said anything.

    i would have noticed.

    thanks for your input, mwgrice!
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