Do I Know You?



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    1) Real name is Lars.
    2) Born and raised in Denmark, have lived in the US for 45 years, now in Colorado.
    3) Works as Sales Director for a French company, selling environmental equipment to heavy industries; plan to retire in about 5 years.
    4) Got my first camera at age 6, now use an Olympus mirrorless and a Canon G7X point-and-shoot.
    5) Entered three B&W photos in a competition in 1972 and won ribbons, plan to enter more competitions but it'll probably have to wait until retirement.
    6) Married my soul mate, have two married sons and three great grand kids.
    7) Other hobbies include motorcycles and racing - worked in professional motorsports for 10 years and instructed in racing and high-performance driving for cars and motorcycles for almost 30 years.
    8) Have lurked on this site for some years and am still trying to figure out how to post pictures, have posted numerous pictures on sister site without difficulty.
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