Water, Water Everywhere... Post your Water Pictures here :)

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Over time there were several challenges on Dgrin focusing on water.

* I'm proud to say that I was even a winer on on of the "Big" Dgrin contest (#108 "H2O") :barb

However I think that we all (water lovers) have much more pictures of water to show, and also more recent.

Water can be running, flowing, waving, splashing, falling, calm and relaxing, reflective, in form of rivers, oceans, lakes (etc), rain, or just water droplets, or frost... It can be the subject of your photo or creating the environment for your main subject... Up to you :)

So, If you are one of those who like taking photos of water, post them here!

I'll start with a few:

Water reflections - this is the one who won the contest some years ago


Water droplets


Swans on Rhine River, Germany


Row boats in Nova Scotia

Tatiana - Seeing the world through my camera
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