I've been OOB'ing



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    Wow, I've just looks back a couple of pages of all the new posts here on the OOBing thread............. my you folks produce great work clap.gif

    I haven't done any OOBing for such a long time, I need to try it again.
    It's fun and you can get some really cool results.

    Well Done Everyone clap.gifclap.gif .... Skippy :D
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    Tried one with two frames, but not to happy how it turned out. I'll keep practicing, but this is my son and I:


    And this is one of a friends softball team:

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    I wish I hadn't seen this.

    I have things that need to be done "now" and I can't tear myself from the computer.
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    This is simply amazing. Great job everyone.
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    baby oob

    New baby, New oob
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    its taken me over an hour to read this thread from front to back....what a great series by talented peopleclap.gifclap.gifclap.gif . The last thing I need to learn... but looks such funthumb.gif
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    This thread was last bumped in 2010.
    Bout time for another bump.
    I followed this thread many years ago and a few mad attempts at OOB's. Yes they are addicting.
    This only came back up in a DGRIN Challenge thread for digital art. Spurred a memory or two and went looking for my old OOB's to share.

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    Nice Yota!

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